Setting up Clover for AMD Vanilla

To begin with you'll need the example config from the AMD Vanilla GitHub repo for your CPU architecture, Zen or 15h/16h.

Once downloaded simply copy the config.plist file onto the CLOVER drive you'll now see in This PC.
The full directory you should be in is,


Browse to CLOVER/EFI/CLOVER and go to the drivers folder and delete the off and BIOS folders and everything that is inside them. On a UEFI machine (All Ryzen, newer FX boards) Go to the UEFI folder and delete everything other than the following files:

On Legacy boards (older FX) go to the BIOS folder and delete everything but HFSPlus and APFSDriverLoader. You can also delete the off and UEFI folders.

Now to enable some hardware support...

“Note that a working internet connection is required for this method. You'll find kexts to enable the hardware in the next step. LAN is recommended.„

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